About Previstar

Everbridge’s world-leading Critical Event Management software platform with UMS’s proven population alerting, crisis management and notification application together can offer an unparalleled set of solutions to help organizations assess threats, initiate and manage incidents and notify their stakeholders on a global scale.

Everbridge serves over 3,700 customers worldwide and has a complementary product portfolio and customer base to UMS and Previstar. A number of the largest cities and states in the United States have standardized on Everbridge, as well as leading global companies across many industrial sectors. The company’s secure, scalable and highly redundant platform was used to send over 2 billion notifications to people in over 200 countries and territories in 2017. Everbridge’s Critical Event Management software suite enables customers to improve how they anticipate, prepare for, and respond to the many critical events which threaten the safety of people, disrupt daily operations, and put brand reputations at risk. Everbridge is a publicly traded on the United States NASDAQ (EVBG_ exchange).  Read More >>

Previstar Inc. was initiated in 1998 at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory with funding from the Department of Justice (Office of Domestic Preparedness) and the Department of Defence (DOD). Researchers transformed the U.S. Army Soldier Biological and Chemical Command’s bioterrorism knowledge base into a dynamic, easy-to-use software solution designed to help cities and states better prepare to meet the potential threat of biological terrorism. Since its incorporation in 2005, Previstar Inc. has been providing software and all necessary consulting services primarily to the emergency preparedness and response communities, the armed services, and homeland security industry - for managing the incident lifecycle, including planning for, responding to, and recovering from all hazards incidents and events.

Some of Our Customers:

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