NIMS STEP Evaluation of Previstar™ CPS

FEMA's NIMS Supporting Technology Evaluation Program (NIMS STEP), an independent panel of test engineers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), has determined that CPS:

  • Is consistent with the concepts and principles of NIMS
  • Supports all 15 Emergency Support Functions (ESF) as a Command and Control product
  • Applies to all nine Incident Command functions, to a multi-discipline response, and to all hazards, including national political conventions and large sporting events
  • Is fully compliant with all required elements of the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) 1.1 standard, and the Emergency Data eXchange Language-Distribution Element (EDXL-DE) 1.0 standard

The purpose of NIMS STEP is to provide an independent, objective evaluation of commercial and government hardware and software products related to incident management to assist in the implementation of the NIMS.

The NIMS STEP panel recently used Previstar CPS out of all the software it has evaluated to gain its own Testing Lab Accreditation.

Click here to view the complete FEMA NIMS STEP report of CPS.