Keep your schools Safe

Leverage the Previstar Plan Manager to create and manage your school safety management program.

With threats to our schools and campuses on the rise, safety planning, drills and general awareness at each school campus is a necessity for every educational institution. With proper all-hazard planning, training and drills, the escalation as well as impact of these incidents can be minimized.

Previstar’s Plan Manager has been tailored to help school safety personnel and planners to create and maintain school safety plans with the capability to link drill schedules, floor plans and reference documents on a single, secure platform. The solution has built-in templates that can be customized by local school districts to greatly accelerate the planning process.


  • Cost and time savings – online development and approval process.
  • One secured location for plans, drill logs, exercises, floorplans and critical data for all schools in the district and state for permissioned access by planners, administrators or first responders.
  • Develop and store multiple distinct types of School Emergency plans in one centralized location.
  • User customizable plan template(s) that can be shared and used by all schools in the database.
  • Automated version control, review process and approval workflow.
  • Exercise and Drill logs can be user defined based upon specific type of school.
  • Multiple status reports allowing plan owners and school districts/States to track plan status.

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