West Bengal in India implements digital crisis tool to combat disasters

In what could be termed as a pioneering move in India, the Disaster Management Department of West Bengal has initiated the implementation of an Online Incident Response and Planning System. Previstar’s Continual Preparedness System was the chosen solution to address the requirements.


Recently, the Disaster Management Department (DMD) has undertaken an initiative to implement an Incident Response and Planning System that can take their paper plans and operationalize them. The system is  intended to be online and dynamic, bringing all stakeholders and line agencies like police, public works department, fire department, hospitals etc., under one platform to prepare for and respond instantaneously to any disaster in a cohesive manner. 


In order to meet the complex requirements, the Disaster  Management Department (DMD) chose to partner with  Previstar and leverage the Continual Preparedness System, a proven solution for incident management, trusted by  disaster management agencies across the world. 

Continual Preparedness System (CPS) comprises of multiple modules like Plan Manager (CEMPlanner), Resource Manager and Incident Manager which can function individually or cohesively across the incident life cycle. 


Previstar’s Continual Preparedness System has enabled the Disaster Management Department of West Bengal to realise their vision of creating a comprehensive incident management platform that puts their plans into action, tracks activities and brings multiple agencies on one collaborative platform. This in turn yields results in terms of effective disaster management and higher safety for the millions of people living in this region. 

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